Piano pour adultes “Prestige” ONLINE

Having actualized themselves, people take to the pianophilia, and that is
gaining momentum worldwide. And it is not really surprising since people
willing to succeed in life understand that the music, being the «food» for a
brain, actively develops both its hemispheres.
It is notorious that the left brain of a person is responsible for logical thinking,
and the right one – for imagination (dreams, fantasies, intuition). Left-brained
people are great analysts, businessmen, programmers. The right brain
boosts development of creative capabilities, therefore people become great
musicians, artists, actors, poets, and writers.
The piano – is the only instrument
developing simultaneous and effective work
of two brain hemispheres.


By spending only 30 minutes every day and completing the exact sequence of the study material, you will soon accumulate the necessary knowledge base, which will provide you with invaluable help with independent music.

Regularly, we will check your musical work, controlling your creative growth, be providing support in the form of useful tips, thanks to which you will always be fast moving forward!



The piano for adults “Prestige” is a semi-annual course.

The learning resource consists of 6 magazine-modules with audio and video, fully adapted to the current requirements and demands. Presentation material is accompanied by illustrated associations, which with interest and enthusiasm help to acquire new knowledge and skills.