IDMUZA is a real opportunity to uncover and realize the most daring creative ideas fully without limitations of age.


– For the first time, we have developed and implemented an effective interactive technique of remote musical education with a gradual growth of performing arts for adults.
– In the musical education system introduced module technology with an individualized tempo of learning.
– You plan for yourself an individual schedule of classes at your convenient time, any day of the week.
– A set is made without restriction of age and without preliminary preparation. The social equality of all categories of students is observed. With our help, you can reveal your talent yourself, when inspiration comes to you.
We create a harmony of life.

– In a short period of time you will master science and laws of music, the skills of the technical play keyboards, singing, writing creativity and fill your life with positive emotions, and energy charge.
– Effective student and teacher feedback are guaranteed.

Do not miss the chance to make your Starter Pitch, which fate gives you!