Innovations of IDMUZA

There are essentially new progressive training programs on a modular structure system we have developed for you, with special balance and explanation only of information important and necessary for you to achieve the unique purpose of getting knowledge. The contents of each of 6 educational modules are the embodiment of the authors’ original ideas, secrets and a set of specially invented mastery tricks.

The features of the musical educational IDMUZA system we offer:

  1. A possibility of high-quality training without any age restriction or preliminary preparation. While forming talent, capabilities and skills are gained and developed during training.
  2. A possibility of knowledge acquisition on an individual basis, at your own house or office, at a time and pace of your convenience. No cultivation of personal contacts with the teacher (occasionally unsuccessful), since complete self-sufficiency is provided: video and audio-carriers with well stated theoretical (20%) and practical (80%) material.
  3. An opportunity to overtake a musical masterpiece independently. You will be able to overcome and comprehend subtleties of compositions’ analysis, doing it step by step with the help of notes or video course. Most of the teachers do not consider it necessary to explain a reason for task performing. Being aware of this existing shortcoming on the basis of a long-term teaching practice, we spell out the secrets of mastering a piece of music in a plain language.
  4. An opportunity of remote studying, including external. You will also be offered an individually assigned curator, who will monthly adjust your knowledge and skills gained, improving your art of performing. You get the postgraduate a certificate for your validation, and also it’s safe to teach beginners, even to get a work in your country or abroad.
  5. An opportunity to save money, since you do not employ a tutor, he is assigned to you at the moment of the course acquisition, and his services are included in the total. You pay only the price of one lesson once a month, instead of paying for eight lessons in case of having a private tutor.
  6. An opportunity to get an education on several specialties simultaneously. The effective multipurpose technique implemented by us allows teaching several modules simultaneously, moving ahead quickly without burnout.

                                       Whatever you do in your life, wherever you are,  

                                    the piano playing will certainly bring you extra dividends.