Vocal for adults “Prestige” ONLINE

Vocal for adults “Prestige”
People often doubt that they will be able to professionally learn vocal, translate their long-time dream into mastering this art, and then even teach another. With the introduction of the new vocal course “Prestige”, learning has become accessible to everyone in the online process.
Do you know that singing has not only a wonderful therapeutic effect but also stimulates the brain cells, keeping the mind in a vigorous, active state?

Vocal lessons at IDMUZA eliminate the picky questions: “Did you engage in music at an early age?”, “Do you have a musical ear?”, “Why did not you develop your voice, because you have such data?”

Now you have a unique opportunity to master musical knowledge at any age and without prior training.

We invite you to IDMUZA, acquire new skills with us, develop your talents and enjoy the learning process!



New vocal exercises, which take a special place in the curriculum, will help you to understand the following concepts: vocal breathing, support, smooth voice-sounding sound.

This knowledge will help you learn how to control your voice and it does not matter if you will perform on stage or as a speaker in front of the public. Many of our clients who have already completed the course are people who needed vocal preparation for self-affirmation. Agree, that a person who has a beautiful voice of voice, clear diction, intelligible pronunciation, and convincing voice intonation will always have the advantage, and accordingly, additional bonuses among others.

The originality of IDMUZA is that the authors of the technique have successfully combined several musical courses for you, which will help you to acquire knowledge at once in several areas: MUSIC AND VOCAL.


Vocal for adults “Prestige” – is the best 6 month vocal training.

The learning resource is mailed to you in a special package consisting of 6 journal modules with audio links. Audio files that you download on our platform in your account. Before you can get acquainted with the lessons of the test, as well as before you pay for the course, listen to a selection of piano compositions that are offered in the educational material. In the future, you will be able to play the entire composition yourself at the end of each training module. Also included are the weekly self-test tests that you first perform in the submitted journals, and you can also perform them on the Internet (by downloading the suggested link). The theoretical (20%) and practical (80%) musical material are accompanied by illustrated associations that help with interest to study the themes of the classes, as well as acquire new knowledge and skills with enthusiasm. Inspiration and adrenaline guaranteed. A pleasant surprise will be that you receive a certificate.